The history of October 27 National Electricity Day you need to know!

Electricity is one of the energy sources that are currently needed. Imagine, without electricity until now, we may not be able to watch television, or the house will be dark at night.

Due to the importance of electricity, it is not surprising that there are crucial days associated with electricity.

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Memorial day is National Electricity Day which is celebrated every October 27.
Then, what is the history of October 27, National Electricity Day? Check out the following review!

The history of October 27 National Electricity Day you need to know!

The following is the history of the October 27th National Electricity Day that you need to know!

October 27 is an important day for Indonesia. This is because that date commemorates National Electricity Day, which refers to the early history of the State Electricity Company (PLN).

PT PLN (Persero) is a state-owned enterprise (BUMN) that handles all aspects of electricity in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s electricity institutions’ history has been going on for a long time, even before Indonesian independence.

History records that electricity has existed in Indonesia since the Dutch colonial period.

The first power company was founded in 1897 when a Dutch company established a power plant for its own needs.

Meanwhile, electricity for the public started with a private Dutch company, N V Nigam, which was initially involved in the gas sector and began to expand its business in the field of electricity supply to the public.

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In 1927, the Dutch government finally established s’Lands Waterkracht Bedrijven (LWB), a state electricity company that operated several hydroelectric power plants.

The hydropower plants operated then were the Gringan hydropower plant in Madiun, the Tonsea Lama hydropower plant in North Sulawesi, the coal-fired power plant in Jakarta and the Tes hydropower plant in Bengkulu.

However, after the Dutch surrendered to Japan in World War II, Japan controlled Indonesia.

Automatically, Japan and all the staff therein took over the electricity and gas companies.

When Japan occupied Indonesia in 1942, state electricity affairs were handled by an agency formed by the military government of Dai Nippon called Djawa Denki Djigjo Sonja.

This institution has several branches in several areas, with its headquarters in major cities.

In 1945, Japan suffered a defeat in the Second World War and surrendered to the allies.
The Indonesian nation declared its independence on August 17, 1945.

Indigenous people formerly working in Java Denki Djigjo Sja resisted, occupied and took control of the Japanese-based electricity company.

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia then established a Bureau of Electricity and Natural Gas on August 17 1945.

Two days later, on October 27, 1945, this Bureau was incorporated into the Ministry of Public Works, which later became National Electricity Day.

The anniversary day is not only for PLN but also for all electricity stakeholders and all Indonesian people.

After going through about 74 years after establishing the State Electricity Bureau by the end of 2019, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources recorded an increase in national electricity supply by 40%.

It is estimated that the installed electricity capacity will reach 100 GW by 2024.

So this is a look at the history of October 27, National Electricity Day; there have been many successes achieved by Indonesian electricity.

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However, meeting the electricity needs of the entire community, especially in remote areas, still requires struggle and hard work.

So brief information about the history of the October 27 national Electricity Day. Hopefully, this can give us all some insight. Hopefully helpful, and Happy National Electricity Day!

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