The Birthday of Golongan Karya 20 October

The Birthday of Golongan Karya 20 October

There are currently many political parties in Indonesia, one of which is the Working Group.

Those of you who were born in the 90s are familiar with this one political party.

But did you know that October 20th is the Birthday of the Karya group?

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Do you know the historical origin of the designation of October 20 as the Birthday of the Karya Group? If you haven’t read the review below!

The following is the history of the birthday of the Working Group on 20 October.

The seed of birth of the Working Group began to blossom in the days of Ibu Kartini and Dewi Sartika.

These two female figures are women who bring new values ​​about their function as Indonesian women.

Golkar or Golkar arose from the collaboration of ideas of three figures, namely Soekarno, Ki Hajar Dewantara and Soepomo.

The three figures represented the integralist idea of ​​collectivism since 1940.

At that time, the ideas of these three figures were realised through the existence of the Functional Group.

From that name, the name Functional Group in Sanskrit was changed to Golkar in 1959. The name has never changed till now.

Around 1950 there was the Working Group established, initially oriented only as a representative of the groups in society.

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These representatives are expected to represent collective representation as a form of democracy unique to Indonesia.

This form of democracy is often expressed by the three figures: Soekarno, Soepomo and Ki Hajar Dewantara.

The Karya group was not a party but a group representative at its inception.

The initial idea for the existence of Golkar was as a representative system and the basis for the representation of representative institutions.

The year 1957 marked the beginning of the establishment of the working group organisation. At that time, a multi-party system began to develop in Indonesia.

As a group representative, the Karya group becomes an organisation of functional groups.
The Karya group aims to build a community organisation or what we know as a mass organisation.

However, Golkar became a political party where Sukarno acted as the founder over time.

As well as TNI General (Ret.) Abdul Haris Nasution as a joint mover with the army.

At that time, conditions changed the Golkar Party as a political party to fight the PKI.

This is contrary to the initial concept of the establishment of the Working Group, which rejected the party concept and the PKI, which demanded class distinctions.

But even so, Golkar has a concept to promote unity and cooperation.

In the end, the anti-party Golkar collapsed into a political party.

The idea of ​​Golkar, which was initially supposed to destroy existing political parties, became a party that exists to this day.

The Golden Ages of the Partai Golongan Karya (Golkar)

Golkar is a political party initiated during the Old Order era and its presence during the New Order era in the context of political reform in Indonesia.

In the general election on July 3, 1971, Golkar received 62.8% of the vote, so it won 236 of the 360 ​​seats in the DPR.

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The number of seats is still being added, with 100 seats to be filled by members appointed by the government.

The golden era of the Karya Group was counted until 1999, when the acquisition was above 50%, with a total of 200 seats on average.

So, this is a brief history of the Partai Golongan Karya (Golkar).

The determination of October 20 as the Working Group’s Birthday coincided with the first establishment of the Golkar Secretariat on October 20, 1964, which we now know as Golkar.

So, happy birthday to the Karya group. Hopefully, the above information can be a reference for all of us. It could be helpful!

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