History 18 October, International School Libraries Day

Do you know Every October 18, countries around the world commemorate International School Libraries Day?

This memorial day is critical because its primary purpose is to build awareness of the importance of literacy culture and the development of school libraries worldwide.

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So when did International School Library Day happen? Check out the following brief history of its origins!

History 18 October, International School Libraries Day

You need to know the history of International School Library Day on October 18!

The first International School Library Day commemoration was held on October 18 1999. This first International School Library Day commemoration is themed “A Day In The Life”.

International School Library Day was proclaimed by the President of the International Association Of School Librarianship (IASL), named Dr Blanche Woolls, in the same year, which is 1999.

Furthermore, this anniversary day was also confirmed in 2005 by the President of IASL, Peter Genco.
As time passed, International School Library Day changed its name to International School Library Month in 2008.

The choice of name is intended so that schools around the world can more freely choose a particular time according to the situation and conditions in their respective schools.

This is a look at the history of the origin of the designation of October 18 as International School Library Day.

There is not much history of the setting of this date. It’s just that the existence of this anniversary is a momentum to express and advocate for the importance of mastering literacy for the younger generation.

The Importance Of Mastery Of Literacy Among The Young Generations, Especially Schoolchildren

In simple terms, literacy can be understood as the ability to read and write.

Reading can be interpreted as a process of translating language symbols until they are processed into an understanding and then written down.

In Indonesia, the word literacy is more popular than literacy, literacy and literacy.

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Not only words but literacy also became a movement for educational activists, both formal and non-formal.

There are many goals of literacy. Here are some of them:

  • It can help grow and develop good character values ​​in a person.
  • With literacy, a person’s level of understanding in concluding the information obtained can be better received.
  • Help improve people’s knowledge by reading.
  • To help people think critically and not react too quickly.

On International School Library Day, it is hoped that all schools invite their students to learn the importance of literacy.

Library literacy is considered the ability to understand and distinguish written works in the form of fiction and non-fiction.

All educational institutions should realise the establishment of literacy as early as possible because it can be the primary capital to learning an intelligent and cultured nation.

The younger generation, who have prominent personalities and can understand knowledge and technology, will be able to compete locally and globally.

Not only that, but the younger generation can also be an important factor because they still have a high fighting spirit, creative solutions and innovative manifestations.

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To compete with other countries, the younger generation must also have the skills that the world needs, one of which is the quality of human resources.

Of course, the quality of human resources can include the ability of individuals to absorb the knowledge that is then implemented in real life.

So, one simple but crucial step is establishing literacy’s importance through International School Library Day.

This article is a brief history of International School Library Day on October 18. Hopefully, the historical information above can be a reference for all of us. It could be helpful!

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