History of Indonesian Aviation Day 27 October

National Aviation Day is celebrated every year on 27 October. This memorial day certainly has a long history. 

When the event was the first time, the identity of the Indonesian nation, namely the Red and White Flag, was flown in the air with the help of a Curing aircraft.

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Now for those curious about the history of its origin, October 27, National Aviation Day, see the following review!

History of Indonesian Aviation Day 27 October

The following is the history of the October 27th National Aviation Day that you should know!

As reported by various reliable sources, on October 27, 1945, or to be precise, the day before the 17th anniversary of the Youth Pledge, in Pangkalan Maguwo, Yogyakarta, there seemed to be a lot of activity.

The businesses arose because the technicians around the Curing plane, marked with red and white circles, were preparing everything for the planned flight.

They wanted a red and white plane to fly on that day to collect the Youth Promise.

Air Commodore Agustinus Adisutjipto is the only original Indonesian pilot at the Maguwo base.

On that day, Agustinus Adisutjipto successfully flew with Cureng Merah Putih.

Adisutjipto brought the aircraft around the Maguwo base space, which was watched in awe by all base members below.

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After the first flight, in-house engineers began work to repair the aircraft fleet at Pangkalan Maguwo.

About 50 aircraft left behind by the invaders were repaired, but unfortunately, only 25 of the 50 aircraft were eligible to be flown back.

After the flight, Curing became a force at Maguwo Air Base.

Not only serving as a training aircraft, but Curing is also recorded as the first aircraft used in skydiving training.

Curing has an essential meaning in the effort to maintain Indonesian independence.

For example, on July 29, 1947, the Curing aircraft were used to attack the Dutch population in Ambarawa and Salatiga by Cadet Suharnoko and Cadet Sutardjo Sigit.

The flight of the Curing plane with the red and white symbol in the sky of the archipelago has many meanings.

The Precursor to National Aviation Day, October 27

About 70 years ago, the birth of the Indonesian Air Force began with the People’s Security Agency (BKR).

BKR was formed on 23 August 1945 and changed its name to the People’s Security Army (TKR) on 5 October 1945.

Previously, these air forces were still part of the aviation service TKR, whose leadership was Air Commodore Surjadi Surjadarma.

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On January 3, 1946, TKR was again upgraded to TRI as a continuation of the development of the Tunas Air Force.

Then flight TRI was renamed the Air Force of the Republic of Indonesia until now.

The name change took place on 9 April 1946, which was also the birthday of the Indonesian Air Force.

In its development, the history of the Air Force not only relies on physicality but also plays a role in diplomatic struggles.

For example, in preparing pioneering aircraft to transport goods, diplomatic troops, merchants, and even taking the president around various regions.

The world of aviation was born from the courage that began with the spirit and joy of being free from the clutches of the invaders.

Let’s talk about aviation, of course. Indonesia should be proud because our beloved country is the only country in Southeast Asia with an aircraft industry, namely PT Dirgantara Indonesia.

So this is a look at the history of the establishment of National Aviation Day on October 27th.

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There is no other information about the history of National Aviation. However, the anniversary is closely related to the Indonesian Air Force’s birthday.

Hopefully, the information about the history above can provide insight and become a reference for us all. It could be helpful!

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