History of Indonesian Doctor’s Day 24 October

In addition to the Indonesian Doctor’s Day, which has been celebrated every May 20 since 2008, Indonesians also commemorate Indonesian Doctor’s Day on October 24 every year.

The commemoration of Indonesian Doctor’s Day is, of course, significant considering the role of doctors, especially during this pandemic.

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So what is the history of October 24, Indonesian Doctor’s Day? Here is the review!

History of Indonesian Doctor’s Day 24 October

Here is the history of Indonesian Doctor’s Day, 24 October, that you need to know!

The beginning of the determination of Indonesian Doctor’s Day cannot be traced to various sources on the Internet.

However, the commemoration of this day is closely related to the Birthday of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI).

Long before the Indonesian Doctors Association was founded in 1950, the Indonesian Doctors Association established an organisation called Vereniging van Indische Artsen in 1911.

However, in 1962 the Indonesian medical organisation changed to Vereniging Van Indonesische Geneeskundigen (VGI).

The name change followed the awareness of the nationalism of the indigenous doctors, thus changing the word Indische to Indonesische.

As long as the organisation was founded, VIG has always expressed the struggle for equality between indigenous and Dutch doctors.

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After going through a long process, the struggle was finally successful, one of which was the increase of the salaries of native doctors from previously only 50% of the wages of Dutch doctors to 70%.

Not only that but native doctors were also given priority to be appointed as Dutch doctor’s assistants.

First Congress of Indonesian Doctors Organization AIDS

In 1940 VIG held its first congress in Solo.

The results of the congress are prof. Baader Djohan was assigned to develop and think about new terms in the medical world.

During the Japanese occupation, VIG was disbanded three years later, and its name changed to Jawa Izi Hokkaido.

After Indonesian independence, the struggle of doctors in Indonesia became stronger.

The birth of the Indonesian Doctors Association IDI

On 30 July 1950, between PB Perthabin (Commander of the Indonesian Thabib Association) and DP-PDI (Teaching Council of the Indonesian Doctors Association), PMD formed WNI or organiser of the Indonesian National Doctors Conference.

The committee is led by Baader Djohan, who is in charge of organising the Indonesian Doctors Conference to establish a new association of Indonesian doctors.

The congress was finally held on September 22 to 25, 1950, in Deca Park, attended by 181 Indonesian doctors, 62 of them came from outside Jakarta.

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This congress aims to establish a new association of Indonesian doctors as a forum for representing the world of Indonesian doctors at home and abroad.

In congress, Sarwono Prawirohardjo was finally elected as the first general chairman of IDI.

To complete the legal basis, the IDI central committee, namely R Suharto, on his behalf and other administrators, appeared before the notary R Kadiman on 24 October 1950.

It aims to obtain the legal basis for establishing the Indonesian Medical Association so that its legality is legal.

The next day, finally, on the day of the determination of the legality of the IDI, it was made National Doctor’s Day.

So this is a look at the history of the establishment of National Doctor’s Day on 24 October.

As good Indonesian citizens, we should, of course, celebrate this National Doctor’s Day as a form of respect for the services of Indonesian doctors.

Especially in this pandemic, doctors and other health professionals maintain the front line to fight COVID-19.

Hopefully, the information on the History of National Doctor’s Day, 24 October above, can provide insight and become a reference for us all.

Hopefully helpful, and happy October 24th, National Doctor’s Day!

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