Traditional Way: Repair Dull and Dry Hair with kitchen ingredients

Traditional Way: Repair Dull and Dry Hair with kitchen ingredients
Traditional Way: Repair Dull and Dry Hair with kitchen ingredients
Hello girl ... Talking about hair is inseparable with a variety of problems that lurk. 

The problem that we often encounter in hair is hair loss and dull hair.  In this article we will focus on the problem of dull hair. 

Why hair can be dull, hair is a part of the body that we cannot control, but it grows.  Because the hair grows so it must be given vitamins to be able to stay healthy, because a person's health will be seen from his hair, if the hair looks dull then it can be ascertained that the person is unwell or lacking in vitamins. 

Giving vitamins to the hair can be by consuming a vitamin such as fruits or vegetables or it can also be given directly to the hair. 

Now in this article we will give tips on how to restore hair health traditionally.  These tips have been passed down from Asian ancestors so most Asians have healthy, shiny hair.  Then how is it done?  see the tips below

Prepare a handful of grated pineapple that has been cooked then applied to the scalp and hair.  Leave for 10 minutes.  After that, rinse with clean water and shampoo as usual.  Do this several times in 1 month (4 times).  Hair will be thick and black. 

That's the traditional way of caring for healthy hair, dull hair will disappear and be replaced by healthy, shiny hair like pearls.

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